A quality center using the Orton Gillingham approach to help students with dyslexia

About Us

Our Background

We are a Masonic Charitable Foundation. Our center, formerly known as the Masonic Learning Center, opened in 1997 and since then has provided free tutoring in reading and writing to over 300 children. It remains one of the best tutoring centers in Maine.

Our Expertise

We provide one-on-one tutoring for students with reading disabilities. Our staff is certified by IMSLEC and are trained to use the Orton Gillingham approach within a MSLE framework. Our MSLE training program and intervention program are IMSLEC and IDA accredited.

Personalized Lessons

Each student accepted for admission to the Children's Dyslexia Center is eligible for two years of literacy remediation at no cost to families. Two fifty five-minute lessons are held weekly.

Our Mission

To provide, free of charge, state-of-the-art, multisensory tutorial reading and written language instruction to children with dyslexia.

To train teachers in the art, science and practice of tutoring children using the Orton-Gillingham approach to multisensory teaching of reading, spelling and writing.

To advance the body of scientific knowledge of dyslexia through support of clinical research, to improve today's standards and tomorrow's care.

Contact Us

Children's Dyslexia Center – Bangor

294 Union St, Suite 3, Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 990-2277


Monday - Thursday 12:00pm - 7pm

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